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The Mpumalanga Leadership Foundation is servant leadership catalyst of church, business, government and community care organisations. Growing from the work of Nelspruit Community Forum, a God-Inspired-Model, recognising the effectiveness of a collective effort Mpumalanga Leadership Foundation was founded 7 July 2011 to strengthen the movement of churches, communities and programmes with capacity, resource development, communication and marketing, and spiritual nurture.

It is committed to recognise potential, develop leadership, identifying needs and develop resources; being an umbrella body for grass-root organisations to develop towards their full potential.

We CONNECT leaders by:

  • Initiating conversations around the issues.
  • Linking marketplace leaders, civil servants, and ministry leaders to each other and to the community.

We UNIFY the body by:

  • Building Coalitions and alliances among congregations and ministries to meet the needs.
  • Communicating a message of unity among the people of God.
  • Supporting ministries and community agencies across the province.

We MOBILISE the body by:

  • Developing and implementing programs that believers can engage in to make a difference in the name of Christ.
  • Providing leadership development and specific ministry training for the body of Christ.
  • Building capacity in ministries and individuals


  • We depend on the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, families, communities, villages, towns and cities in Mpumalanga.
Through Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit we Connect leaders, Unify the body and Mobilize people to Transform Mpumalanga into a Province of God.


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